New article accepted in Geofluids: ,A Review of the Hydrochemistry of a Deep Sedimentary Aquifer and its Consequences for Geothermal Operation – Klaipeda, Lithuania‘


Talk at the German Geothermal Congress on Occlusion of flow pathways in sedimentary geothermal aquifer


Maren Brehme and Lily Suherlina are off for a 10 days field trip in Lahendong-Indonesia within the LoLa-project.

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A GFZ-internal talk by Lily Suherlina on the results of the LoLa1-expedition, showing how the geothermal field develops by time using hydrogeochemical and well logging data.


A GFZ-internal talk by Maren Brehme on the results of the LoLa1-expedition, showing how we can map faults beneath a lake and conclude on geothermal reservoir properties.


A visit at CNR in Florence on 30.9.-1.10. will focus on modeling of superhot geothermal systems in Mexico within the GeMEX project.


Geofluids article now available in Open Access: ,Injection-triggered occlusion of flow pathways in geothermal operations‘


New article accepted in Geofluids: ,Injection-triggered occlusion of flow pathways in geothermal operations‘


LoLa field work in the high-enthalpy geothermal field in North-Sulawesi, Indonesia

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DESTRESS midterm conference at the University of Glasgow


Poster Presentation at the FH DGGV Conference at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum-Germany


Oral Presentation at the Stanford Geothermal Workshop at Stanford University-California

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News articles on our new article in Nature Scientific Reports in german and english: LINK


Press release on the new article in Nature Scientific Reports:

in english: LINK

and in german: LINK


New paper published in Nature Scientific Reports: Geothermal sweetspots identified in a volcanic lake integrating bathymetry and fluid chemistry LINK


TZ Geothermal field work on exploration of geothermal systems in Tanzania is ongoing

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Interview with WING Turkey published on ThinkGeoenergy: see here


I gave a talk at the Praxisforum Geothermie in Munich on the „Heating potential by geothermal in the Netherlands“


At 1.8. I started my new position at Delft University of Technology as Assistant Professor for Geothermal Engineering. We grow the group of geothermal researchers. I am looking forward!


Together with our Turkish partner Kandilli and Nigde University we successfully finished two more lake studies including bathymetry and geochemistry in Turkey. We observed fault lineaments and volcanic activity.


The European Geothermal Congress takes place in The Hague. The DESTRESS and the LoLa project are presented: Talk on 12.6. 17:30 on the Mezöbereny site and a poster is presented during lunchtime on 12.6. and 13.6. I am happy to see you there!


Abel Marko wins the 1. price of the OTDK (National Scientific Student Award), which is a highly respected price in Hungary. He presented his work on hydrochemistry at the Mezöbereny site.


The DESTRESS annual meeting in Strasbourg will take place from 18.-20.2. I will give talks on the

status of the Mezöbereny site in Hungary and the news from our stimulation tendering.